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Designed in Austria, Made in Italy, Electrified in the United Kingdom.

DEUS Automobiles, Italdesign, and Williams Advanced Engineering stand as one to inspire the way to luxury electric hypercars. Our dedication to achieving perfection is further refined by Italdesign’s heritage and skills and Williams Advanced Engineering’s ground-breaking electrification technologies, resulting in 99 uniquely tailored Vayanne units, an electric hypercar that focuses on daily driveability while harnessing and outstanding performance.


Design Philosophy

Timeless and functional design

Reminiscent of the capital city of Austria, Vienna, the design of the Vayanne is centered around symmetry and infinity to embody the concept of timelessness. The smooth lines are complemented by the dominating strong design features such as the parametric grilles in the front and the rear.

The first design sketches of the Vayanne took shape in 2020 with one goal: to create a beautiful yet practical piece of electric automotive art that can be driven day by day, blending outstanding performance with a luxurious ride.

Inspiring Luxury Electric Hypercars

Since 2020

Simulated Technical Specifications


Battery (Li-Ion)


Battery Cooling

Charge Time (350 kW)

Cell Format

1.810 kg (3390 lbs)

500 km (310 miles)

85 kWh / 800 V

Base Plate Liquid

20 minutes to 80% SOC

21.700 Cylindrical Cells


Electrified Propulsion System From WAE

Leveraging electrified motorsport technology from race-track to road

Targeting world leading performance enabled by Williams Advanced Engineering’s technology and expertise in high performance electrified propulsion systems.

Rear Drivetrain

Single speed, 2 x 550 kW motors

Front Drivetrain

Single speed, 550 kW motor


2.243 HP (1650 kW)

0-100 km/h (0-62 mph)

<1.99 s

Top Speed

>400 km/h (250 mph)


2.040 Nm


The Oasis of Luxury in the EV Segment

Matchless interior

The interior of the Vayanne is elegantly effortless, inspiring a refined sense of luxury. Every command interaction method with the vehicle is considered, functional and enjoyable. It sports a combination of digital and analogue controls that are ergonomically within the driver’s reach.


A Hypercar Meant To Be Driven

Outside the racetrack


- Front and rear storage space 

- Generous ground clearance (12cm/4.7”)

- Active lift system for each axle (3cm/1.2”)

- Adjustable suspension and steering


- Spacious interior, designed for easy ingress and egress

- Storage space in the doors, central armrest, glovebox

- Wireless charging pad

- Panoramic roof

- Electrically adjustable seats

Halo Infinity

Halo Infinity Mirror

A design Innovation

003_int_halo detail.jpg

The Halo Infinity Mirror* transfers the concept of infinity from the exterior to the interior. It was specifically developed at Italdesign for the Vayanne and upcoming DEUS models, underlining the unique character of the vehicle and the commitment of DEUS to shape the definition of luxury in the EV hypercar segment.

This design innovation uses two LED stripes in the middle of two reflective mirrors that are shaped around the contours of the interior. One mirror is fully reflective, while the other is only partially reflective, thus, creating the desired infinity effect.


Aerodynamics Fit For 2.243 HP

Form follows function


Precise aerodynamic analysis proves the Vayanne can deliver both its performance and ride comfort expectations.

Every design decision has been made with maximum performance in mind, while staying true to the elegant and captivating character of the Vayanne.


DEUS Active Sound

Giving electric hypercars the sound they deserve


The DEUS Active Sound complex system of exterior exhaust sound generators can be configured to the preference of the driver. You can choose from a variety of sound profiles that match an electric hypercar and change the intensity of the sound.

Active Sound

Timeless Automotive Lifestyle.

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