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Three Brands, One Mission – Reimagining the Most Powerful Electric Hypercar in History.

DEUS Automobiles, Italdesign, and Williams Advanced Engineering stand as one to inspire the way to luxury electric hypercars. This unique partnership emerged DEUS’ ambition to design and create an electric hypercar set to become the benchmark of driving emotion. Our dedication to achieving perfection is further refined by Italdesign’s heritage and skills and Williams Advanced Engineering’s ground-breaking electrification technologies, resulting in 99 uniquely tailored  Vayanne units.


Our Vision is the Name Itself: Vayanne – Proudly Named After the Heart of Europe.

DEUS Vayanne is a testimonial of seamlessly blending modern technology with timeless aspects of design, functionality, and interaction to deliver our ultimate promise: to breathtakingly break the boundaries between luxury and the future, just like the city of Vienna itself, that has endured for centuries while continuously evolving.

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Exceptional performance from the race track.

Williams Advanced Engineering provides ground-breaking innovation covering advanced battery and electrification technologies and is working with DEUS and Italdesign as the electrification technology partner for the DEUS Vayanne.


Simulated Specifications



>2,200 Horsepower

>1,640 kW



>2,000 Nm

>1,475 lb-ft

Top Speed

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>400 km/h

>248 mph

0-100 km/h  (0-62 mph)


<1.99 seconds




500 km

310 miles



1,810 kg

3,990 lbs

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The Oasis of Luxury in the EV Segment

Smooth yet dominant curves combined with refined geometry give the DEUS Vayanne its timeless aspect of exterior and interior design. We are embracing the ergonomic positioning of physical controls that are easy to use and let the driver focus on the most important thing – driving.

DEUS is the first in the automotive industry to implement the Halo Infinity mirror throughout a vehicle’s interior. This innovative design feature as applied in the DEUS Vayanne is vital to carrying over DEUS’ infinity theme from the production-oriented hypercar concept’s exterior to its interior. It embraces the whole interior from the doors throughout the dashboard and connotes the infinite feeling of DEUS. 


A Concept of Symmetry and Infinity

"At DEUS, design is not merely about the looks, it is an integrated concept that reflects the marque’s main credo: to effortlessly combine exquisite design and functionality with cutting-edge technology in the EV hypercar segment. To showcase this harmony, we chose to stylise the Vayanne around the idea of symmetry and geometric alignment of its lines and design features,” said Adrian-Filip Butuca, head of design at DEUS. In this regard, the shape of the front and rear grilles is made to represent the infinity loop. The parametric grilles convey even more of a holistic approach through the meticulously aligned pattern that gradually increases in fade intensity. 

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DEUS Vayanne will Feature Expert Technical Support from Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering

The collaboration with DEUS represents an exciting opportunity to showcase another new approach of Williams Advanced Engineering’s electrification and production capabilities, together with Italdesign’s engineering and styling proficiency.


Vayanne Gallery

Be the Timeless Future.

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