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DEUS Automobiles – established in Vienna, Austria, in 2020 – stands out in the increasingly competitive hypercar sector by offering its fresh and objective vision and innovative concepts in terms of luxury, performance, and exclusivity, and DEUS is poised to become a driving experience touchstone.


The inspiration for the DEUS brand name is a powerful, shining entity and the idea of timeless strength and precision driving creativity and innovation. The embodiment of this concept is DEUS Automobiles Head of Design, Adrian-Filip Butuca. This inspired designer’s daily commitment is fueled by his passion, dedication, and determination, and it is the vital spark that ignites DEUS Automobiles’ mission as it enters the international landscape with its signature logo: a lightning bolt.

The DEUS lightning bolt aligns with the company’s focus on 100-percent electric propulsion technology that will power the ultra-limited, high-performance hypercars DEUS Automobiles will create with the technical support from Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering.

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With 50-years of experience and expertise developing pre-series and limited and ultra-limited production vehicles at its Torino, Italy headquarters, Italdesign can offer DEUS Automobiles the strategic and technical support necessary to help get its creative visions ready for the road while playing the role of enabling and integrating emerging and innovative vehicle technologies.

DEUS Automobiles is part of a group of businesses with more than 30 years of success in industries ranging from publishing to packaging and is active in today’s broader mobility ecosystem and is committed to an exploratory approach towards product, business, and collaborative innovation.

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Timeless Automotive Lifestyle.

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